A simple overview of the life of Mark Dubowitz

Foundation for Defense of Democracies has offered its CEO designation to Mark Dubowitz. He is the ultimate man for sanctions held against Iran. He is also the head of FDD’s group on Sanctions and Illicit Finance.

Opposing the nuclear deal against Iran in 2015:

The administration for the diplomacy concerning nuclear dealings with Iran by Obama was opposed by Mark Dubowitz.This was done by the proper test conductions in front of Congress several times which opposed the talks associated to the nuclear dealings which also included Senate Foreign Committee held in the month of February, 2014, the Senate Banking Committee held in the month of January,2015, Senate Foreign Committee held in the month of July, 2015, House Financial Services Committee held in the month of July, 2015, Urban affairs held in the month of August, 2015, Senate Group on Banking held in the month of July, 2015, and House Ways as well as Means Committee finally held in the month of November,2015. Mark Dubowitz worked on formulating several reports and op-eds to oppose the nuclear deal to be held with Iran both for the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and Wall Street Journal in the year 2015.

mark dubowitz

Best work of Mark Dubowitz:

IN the recent times, he also authored a bookwhich adversely opposed the views towards the foreign inhibiting policies and the associations of the US with it in today‚Äôs world.Some of the other works include Iran’s Negotiating Triumph over Obama and America, which was published in November2011 in New York Times, and Don’t Give Up on Sanctions were some of the masterpieces by Mark. Even this time, he was the hero of several people. You can get to know more information about him from the Internet.