Are You Sure About The Genuine Spares You Have Just Bought?

We buy a car and in a couple of years, it becomes old. Until the time the car is under warranty, you are comfortable that the spare parts will be available from the car manufacturer. But once the warranty time is over, the real pain starts. As soon as the car has any problem. The issue starts with how to buy genuine spares. Vauxhall spares are genuine spare parts available in the market.

Before buying check its genuinity:

The real question arises whether the product we are buying is actually genuine or not. Let’s see the challenges we face here. The car manufacturer insists that they should buy from them. But you must have also felt that this costs a lot more. Simply because there are different margins which have to be paid before the part is available to us. So yes, the part bought from a car manufacturer will be genuine but there is a good chance of a cost difference.

Vauxhall spares

Let’s talk about some jargons used here. OEM spares or original equipment manufacturers are the spares which are manufactured by the car manufacturer. They are considered to be genuine. Mostly they also don’t come with any warranty. Although they are used by the car manufacturer’s service provider and they out of good will give the warranty. The other kind is called OES spares or original equipment supplier like vauxhall spares. They are also genuine and good quality, the main difference is that they can be bought from any dealer so you need not be dependent on the car manufacturer. Costing is less than that of OEM. And lastly the unbranded parts. They are manufactured by small industries, these spares might work but the quality may not be as good as OEM or OES.

Whether you use an OEM or OES like vauxhall spares, the main reason should be your usage of the product and your budget