Best Features of a Mechanical Keyboard – A Theory

Gaming keyboard are known for high quality switches. These kinds of switches have some sort of metal spring which is actuated before the complete thrust of the switch. The spring is normally placed underneath the keys. When the key is pressed, the signal goes stating that a key has been pressed. Through mechanical keypad one can type with faster and better accuracy.

Features of best mechanical keyboard

  1. They have a complete different touch and feel:

Each key here, feels much smoother and solid as compared to other options.

  1. Accuracy of character pushdown:

The mechanical keypad plays louder sound as compared to normal keyboards which confirms feedback from the keys.

  1. Shelf life of Mechanical keypads is longer than others

These keypads have longer life when compared to others. Study says when the keys were pressed for 50 million times, the rubber dome keypad was good to go till 15 million key press. So, even if it is cheaper than mechanical keypad, it scores less on its shelf life.

  1. Mechanical keypad weighs more than normal keypad

These keyboards generally weigh around 3 pounds or so. It might sound annoying but at least it doesn’t slide away while working.

gaming keyboard

  1. Best feature: Programmable keys

The keys are programmed to perform series of functions which otherwise were to be typed each time. This reduces time and energy put inside the functionality.

Razer keyboard were introduced which took the best features of mechanical keypads i.e. its speed and accuracy and combined it with gaming keypads which was a radical decision.

Now, the decision lies with the customer to decide what suits well according to his/her requirement. Mechanical keyboards are quite common for gaming purpose. So if you have an extra graphiccard in your system and the game is on, mechanical keypads could be the first option for a winning punch.