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In the world of applications with instant and direct messaging features, the whatsapp application is undoubtedly the ruler. It was the first and the most basic instant messaging application that received so much recognition and popularity over a very small period of time. The story of how it has made our lives easy on so many aspects is huge and we could be more thankful for its introduction to the market for the common mass.

A smartphone without the Whatsapp application is something nearly impossible to picture as it is the ultimate integration of all the important functions that need to be performed by the phone.


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Apart from text messages, it can be used to send photographs, videos, contacts and also pdf files containing important data. One can also make both voice and video calls through this single application.

Evolution of the whatsapp application

To keep up with the rapidly evolving and competitive market, a person, after whatsapp downloading is provided with the regular updates. With every such update, developers dedicatedly work to improve and integrate new features into the application.

The incredible features of voice and video calling and also sharing of pdf files is the product of subsequent updates that the company has provided over the years. Due to the amazing services that it provides, the user base of this application has gone over half a billion and it keeps increasing with each passing day.

The reasons why it is so popular among all its users is countless and the ones not using it is missing on a lot. Moreover, this one application handling so many functions is a blessing in disguise in our busy lives. By following a simple procedure after free whatsapp download for android mobile or ios phones, one can create a profile and he is good to go.