Do You Know Why Mattermost“Matters the Most” in Professional World?

Mattermost is an ultimate messaging workspace which has empowered many leading companies of the world. As such, it drives improvement of the process, enhances productivity and replaces legacy systems in a process to meet custom security and auditing needs.

Let’s start with slack!

Slack is there, where work happens!

You have heard this very often, from the mouth of hardcore professionals.

Slack systematically unifies the team communication in any organization; making the process of the workflow rather methodical and directional. Here, all the applications are integrated into one platform so that, one can search for files, worksheets, messages, colleagues and many more; all in one place.


An open source alternative of slack!

Few open sources andthe self-hosted alternative of Slack; shows how Slack might have been looked or felt or worked with the host of features that Slack is now missing!

Imagine, how much it would have been reliable if you were able to use your Slack account in different platforms? What if you can use Slack in your regional language?

To get a best answer; visit the website

Now, you might have understood that, this is a self-hosted website in which a single account can be used for multiple teams instead of creating an account for every team.

Know some of the striking features that Slack cannot offer!

  1. Thread messaging

Threaded messaging is the easiest way to allows users to move in and out of discussion without missing the content.

  1. Search hashtags

Particularly when you want to sub-categorize your discussion, click searching using hashtags is very useful. It brings a list of message or comment with the same keyword.

  1. Native language

Most of the self-hosted messaging system supports native language for its worldwide acceptability.

  1. Private cloud storage

This feature allows you to control your data and access it anywhere.

This is only an indicative article. The online matter most blog provides more information about the open source messaging system!