Few Tips That Can Help To Maintain an Abaya Properly

Any garment that is washed incorrectly can get damaged. An abaya is an outer garment, so it needs to be washed properly and taken care of so that it is maintained in proper condition. Certain wash-care techniques can be adhered to for maintaining the garment.

Good detergent powder with hand wash is ideal

Abayas should be washed by hand using a good quality detergent powder. Cold water is best for washing the garments. The abaya can be soaked in cold water with the detergent or ten minutes followed by gentle washing. The garment should b then hung for drying in the air. Machine drying should be completely avoided.

Care needs to be done according to various aspects

The care techniques to be taken for an abaya depends on various factors like the following –

  • Material used

Be it a black abaya or a colourful one, care depends a lot on the material used to make an abaya. If sturdy materials like crepes have been used, mild machine wash can be doe but if the material used is delicate like satin, hand wash is always preferred.

  • Embroidered or embellished abayas

If the abaya is embroidered or has different embellishments used on it, it is essential to take more care of the abaya as the embellishments may pull off if proper care is not taken.

  • Dry cleaning

Often people buy an abaya uk that has heavy embroidery done on it. This is the most delicate type of abaya and needs to be taken utmost care of. Dry cleaning can be the best option for wash-care in such cases.

If all these simple wash-care techniques are used, the wearer of an abaya can easily maintain her garment in good sate for a longer period of time which is the most essential point of taking care of a garment.