Know About the Importance ofan EPC Certificate

The fact that EPCs have been made mandatory by law in the UK, it is considered to be a very crucial document at the time of selling or renting out a property. According to the law, almost all the properties in the UK are required to have an EPC certificate only except a few. Therefore, let’s learn about it in details that what is an EPC and why is it so important.

What Is An EPC Certificate?

EPC which stands for Energy Performance Certificate is a vital document which is to be provided to a potential buyer by the owner of the property at the time of selling or renting it out. The certificate acts as a guide to a would-be buyer because it fetches important information regarding the property. An EPC certificate contains the following information:

  • The amount of energy consumed by the property.
  • The total expense of running the property.
  • Recommendations in order to improve the energy consumption of the property.
  • Also, it rates a property on a scale of A to G which indicates the efficiency of the property.


What Is The Importance Of An EPC Certificate?

An EPC certificate may serve the following important purposes:

  • It helps a potential buyer or a tenant to know the current energy efficiency of the property.
  • It provides a rough estimation of the cost of running the property to the buyer.
  • The certificate also provides recommendations on how to fix the problems in case of excessive energy consumption.
  • Depending on the information given out on the EPC, a buyer decides whether or not to buy the property.

So if you are willing to sell or rent out your property, it’s important that you are able to fetch the EPC certificate to your potential buyer otherwise the deal may get affected.