Mark Dubowitz: The Man behind Shaping USA’s Policies

A warrior in maintaining finances in proper order is what many magazines have described Mark Dubowitz as. Different political commentaries have shown that he is an expert shaping up the policies that America adapts towards the state of Iran. He is said to be always devising a new way to stifle the opposition and protect the country. Politicians nowadays blindly trust this man in matters related to Iran. He can very well defend what he thinks is right regarding the Iran situation by use of research as well as thinking intellectually.

Able advisor

Mark has stayed advisor to Presidents starting from the time of Bush Jr and the trend is continuing presently with Trump. He has also advised the makers of policies and laws concerned with Iran many times. The Congress of the USA too has also seen the man testifying for more than 20 times.

Other works

Other than being an expert of Iran issues, he is an executive in the technology sector and has also written many papers on the topic of Iran’s nuclear condition. Mark Dubowitz has been published as well as given citations in the USA as well as abroad.

Degrees of Mark Dubowitz

John has completed his Master’s degree regarding the public policies adopted by the country in the international stage. He also has MBA and law degrees from Toronto University where he was raised up. He is presently an American citizen and has been so since the year 2003.

The opposition that Mark Dubowitz had presented regarding the nuclear program policy adopted by the government led by Obama, has made him quite famous overtime. The fact that he known the country and its policies so well has been well documented in the books that he has authored. He presently advises Trump and is a top diplomat.