Trends of Muslim Women Outfits in Different Regions

The traditions of Islam are quite different from other religions and Islamic religious leaders are usually orthodox. Their thinking is conservative and doesn’t change with the change in scenario. Islam has put more restrictions on womenfolk compared to men. Women are generally considered as their owned property by men who should be concealed from the eyes of unfamiliar men. The Islam, therefore, doesn’t allow women to expose their body to men that are either not in blood relation or are not having marital relation. They quote lines of Holy Quran that prohibit such exposure. No one can say what’s the concept behind this restriction but it is prevailing in Islam for centuries.

Trends in Muslim women outfits

Hijab, Niqab, Sheila, Burqa and Abaya are various form of women apparels used for body parts concealment, although all are not full-bodied clothes. These dresses are women outfits in different regions of the globe. There are likes and dislikes from Muslim women about wearing of these outfits. There are different views from different class of women. The women who are conservative feel that these dresses offer protection to them from bad eyes of men. The women belonging to modern society dislike these outfits because wearing this type of outfits forbids them to move in pace with fashion trend. Moreover, covering female body creates curiosity among men and more arousal to commit some women-related crimes. Despite disparity in views about wearing of Muslim women outfits, traditional abayas are selling in the market and you can also buy abaya online because lot of Muslim females are still in favor of wearing this dress in Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.

Innovative trend in Arabian women outfit

Black abaya is an innovative trend of this Arabian women outfit which is more popular compared to its traditional form and is sold in different styles and colors on many online stores that specialize in this dress.