Umrah & Hajj in Islam And Packages for This Pilgrimage

In Islam, “umrah” is a sacred term which means to visit a populated place and relates to Islamic pilgrimage such as Mecca, Hijaz, and Saudi Arabia. However, this term is used in different context in different Islamic regions. This is not mandatory in Islam but recommended to visit these holy places at least once a year. Most Muslims feel privilege to follow this tradition which their ancestors have been following for long past. No specific dates have been mentioned in Islam literature about this pilgrimage but Hajj is auspicious period according to Islamic lunar can get umrah visa here..

Hajj pilgrimage

All other Islamic pilgrimages are considered as minor pilgrimages except Hajj which is the major pilgrimage in Islam and is mandatory for everyone who can afford it. Hajj pilgrimage, therefore, attract massive crowd every year when Muslims from all regions of globe visit Mecca for pilgrimage.

hajj packages

There are always restrictions with respect to transport facilities when large number of people have to visit a single place. Thus, special arrangements are made for this Islamic pilgrimage. Number of new flights operated from different countries to cope with the Hajj traffic.

Hajj packages

There are special hajj packages to facilitate people to visit the holy place. There are advantages of having a package because it creates an ease of reaching the place of pilgrimage and to avoid hassle of arranging accommodation there. Most hajj travelers, therefore, prefer to buy a package which is economical and hassle-free compared to independent arrangements. The packages are designed to fit budgets of different category of hajj travelers. There are luxurious packages for travelers from sophisticated class who want all comforts. There are cheap umrah packages or say packages for hajj for those who don’t have a big budget. Hajj is one big annual pilgrimage in Islam for which there are always joint efforts from Muslim authorities and the governments so that reasonable facilities are made available to every traveler who undertakes this pilgrimage.