What are some reasons to take nutritional supplements

The age old saying is that if you eat vegetables as well as fruit and you get enough sunlight as well as are hydrated and get your required amount of sleep, you would not need any supplementary sources of minerals and vitamins. However, this saying does not hold good anymore. You still need to take vitamins and mineral supplements. Canada is just one of the countries where glucosmart and other supplements are used as part of the national nutrition chart.

The reasons for supplements Canada and other countries are promoting is that there is a depletion of nutrients in the soil. This is due to the modern techniques of farming as well as the fertilizers which are used. These actually rob the soil of their nutrients. When the nutrients are not absorbed by the plants, the essential vitamins cannot be formed and this results in human beings which consume those plant sources lacking the required amounts of minerals and vitamins.

national nutrition

The reason for creation of glucosmart  and other items which figure in the national nutrition are that the body also cannot absorb nutrients as well as it used to when the person was younger. So that is why elderly people need to supplement their natural food sources with other vitamins and minerals. On the other hand children need these supplements as they are growing and they need it for healthy bone and tissue formation. Those that are ill or are convalescing also need supplements as there are medications which interfere with absorption of nutrients.


Therefore, these supplements Canada and other countries have included in the national nutrition, to make people aware of the needs and the requirements throughout the various stages of their life. It is due to this initiative that glucosmart and other supplements have seen a boost.